Springsign may be a tough little settlement — the winters are hard, it’s crawling with bandits, and the only thing to eat is fish — but what if it could be more? Well, that’s where you come in! As a member of the Springsign Town Council, you and the other councilors will need to improve the settlement… though nobody said you can’t pursue your own interests too!

Springsign is an interactive, asymmetric, resource-management board game where you and your opponents develop a young frontier settlement. Only one player can win the game by being elected mayor, which means that even as you each contribute to the town, you’ll need to develop your own strategy to get ahead of the other players!

How it’s Played

Each player acts as a unique member of the town council, each with their own abilities and strengths. Your goal is to earn enough votes to be elected mayor and win the game. This may be harder than you think… not only will the other players try to steal your votes, but the townsfolk may kick you all out of town if you don’t do your jobs!

As you play, you’ll have the chance to develop a powerful engine with relic cards — artifacts left behind by a previous civilization, or powerful objects from Jacklander lore. Each relic gives you a unique ability, which can be combined to out-maneuver your opponents!

Make sure to keep the town’s Settlers happy and well-fed! Settlers will use their skills to generate resources, but they won’t stick around if they can’t find a steady job or work in town.

Be careful who you deal with, though — some Settlers are troublemakers, which means they’ll cause anarchy if they stick around. Bandits are especially especially troublesome, and won’t leave Springsign alone unless you can drive them off!

Pay close attention to the town itself. Using the town’s buildings is the main way you’ll gain votes, which makes them a vital part of any strategy. As new buildings are added to town (or are destroyed or rendered obsolete), you’ll often have to re-evaluate and revise your game plan. Your victory will depend on how well you can adapt to this changing political landscape!

Springsign is being developed as a product of The End Games, a brick-and-mortar game store in Charlottesville, Va.
The project is led by Andy Mangham, who acts as The End Games’ product developer. Andy has been designing games since 2018; he wrote and produced the tabletop role-playing game “Emberlord”, and owns Trap Mountain Studio, a start-up game development company.